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September 29 2017

Do not tell me long distance relationship do not work out, because as far as I can see local relationships do not work any better.
— (via i-love-you-from-a-distance)

September 19 2017


chopped but every instance of the words “mystery ingredients” is replaced with “weird shit”

September 17 2017

how easy it would be for the razor to “slip”

September 16 2017

Why can’t I just be dead?

September 08 2017

Iconic Season 1 Scully Looks


Baby Hepburn


Gay in Chambray


Community College Pottery Instructor


Your Hot Stepmom


Plucky Investigative Journalist


Pumpkin Spice Lawyer (with matching briefcase)


Secret Agent Woman


Seafood Restaurant Waitress


The Midterm is Tomorrow


The Jacket ™


Why do I even bother

August 30 2017

Well then.

This went as expected.

August 29 2017


waluigi and wario met on grindr and decided there wasnt a spark but they DID wanna team up to hustle some thematically similar plumbers at like golf and tennis and shit

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Reputation Taylor Swift (2017)

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Our Future in Space, the print. Get it here: https://poorlydrawnstore.com/

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I wonder how many of these I’d have to take to just slip quietly away in my sleep.

August 28 2017

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Величественный, безжалостный, грациозный убийца


i thought everything was kinda calm but turns out i’m just ignoring every single one of my problems



loved one: sorry, i can’t hang out! i have plans with other people 

my hellbrain’s instincts: wow you love them more tha- 

me, ignoring her and working on being a better person: that’s okay! i hope you have fun! can we hang out some other time?

I love this bc it’s a little snapshot of what the intermediate stage of recovery/treatment/growth can look like.

It might not be what you expect. I think people want to stop having those thoughts immediately, and if they can’t they feel that they’ve failed. But that’s not true! Challenging those old thought patterns is exactly what recovery looks like

August 08 2017


do you know how cute i would be if i had more money 






the thing about millennials who don’t want kids is I feel like a lot of them are deeply On Board for their friends’ kids

like I’m among the minority of my friends in definitely for sure wanting kids someday

but each of my parenthood-eschewing friends has claimed a different role in my future offspring’s life and they seem very excited to play it

so we as a generation may have fewer children

but I feel like they’ll be the most supported and loved children imaginable

As a millennial who doesn’t want children, I am seconding this, because it’s not like we don’t want children to exist in the world!  We do!  Children can be lovely and amazing and they are literally our future!  It’s just So Very Difficult to raise children in our nuclear-family society, especially as a millennial, and you want to do the job RIGHT.

Well, if you can’t do the job right yourself, the least you can do is help a friend raise THEIR child right, help take the burden off their shoulders, and give that kid all the love and attention they can stand.

I’d be damned excited to do that, too.

this generation is so excited and ready to be weird uncle/aunt so-and-so

I hope this generation makes communal families a thing again and this time it won’t be treated like a “taboo hippie thing”

Takes a village to raise a kid

August 07 2017

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protect her

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